Bowling in NJ

February 25, 2011

So guys for all of you that have ever told me you wanted to come watch me bowl one weekend…you now have your chance.  The next two weekends of bowling (possibly our last two weekends) are both in New Jersey.  So no more excuses about it being to far away…come on out and support the Bowling Peahens and me in what may be my last two weekends of college bowling

This weekend we are bowling at Parkway Lanes for ECAC’s.  The Address and Phone Number of Parkway Lanes:

200 U.S. 46 

Elmwood Park, NJ 07407

(201) 791- 4680

Next weekend we are bowling at Howell Lanes, for our NEC #3.  Howell lanes is located at:

1002 U.S. Highway 9

Howell, NJ 07731

(732) 462- 6767

Now I realize you are probably questioning why it MAY be my last two weekends.  Well if we do well at NECs we will go to the NEC Championship on March 26-27 which will also be at Parkway Lanes.  For more information including starting times, please visit Bowling Peahens Schedule

Last but not least, I know most people believe bowling is boring or they consider it to not be a sport.  Here is my challenge to you….for all of you who believe this come watch one day.  Come see the focus, energy, and skill it takes and then make your judgement about bowling.  After all, how can you judge something that you don’t really understand?


19th Ranked Team in the Country!

February 19, 2011

Tonight’s post is not about how we bowled today (2-3 for the day, 3-6 for the weekend so far).  It is not about how we struggled periodically throughout the day.  It is not even about how we are once again fighting to finish above tenth place…

Tonight’s post is about how the Bowling Peahens are currently ranked 19th in the Country.  All of our hard work is finally being noticed.  There is only one thing to do from here…keep going up.  19th out of 20 is a good place to start but now we need to work our way up the list.

All I have to say is WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!!

Looking for a Better Tomorrow

February 19, 2011

It was a rough start to a long weekend but not terrible.  We are 1-3 as of right now.  Here is a quick recap of todays matches:

  • Match 1 VS. NJCU: Loss
  • Match 2 VS. LIU: Win
  • Match 3: Bye
  • Match 4 VS. NSU: Loss
  • Match 5 VS. Bathune Cookman: Loss

So yea today not the best day in the world but we have tomorrow and Sunday to make up for it.  We are currently in 9th place but not far out of 8th place…if we can work our way up to 8th place tomorrow than we can play for a chance at 5th place on Sunday.  If we manage to work our way up to 4th place then we will have a shot at playing for the championship on Sunday.

I know it may seem far-fetched to think that we can go from 9th place to 4th place, but when this team is on, anything is possible.  I mean last weekend we beat the number 1 team in the country so why not jump up 5 places?

Traditional days are a good way to make up some pins but they are also a good way for other teams to gain pins…Here is to believing that tomorrow will be better than today!


February 13, 2011

Well we did not go 3-0 today like we were hoping but we went 2-1.  We beat Saint Francis of NY to start the day.  Then came back to beat Steven F. Austin which was interesting to say the least.  Anyone who thinks bowling isn’t competitive should have witnessed this match up.  It got down right vicious…to say the least. Talk about drama but it all worked out in the end.

The last match of the day was against Norfolk State and we lost 4 games to 2.  It was a tough match.  We had a few things go in a favor but in the end it just wasn’t quite enough.  Well maybe next time… However, even though we did not go 3-0 I think that we worked hard enough to get our cake.  We finished in 8th place, the highest unranked team in the tournament!

Next week it is off to Maryland for Morgan State’s Tournament.

Icing, No Cake

February 13, 2011

The Bowling Peahens may be 6-3 for the weekend but it has been a rough two days.  Filled with ups and downs we are currently placed 9 out of the 15 teams competing.  Here is a recap of what we have done so far….


Friday- Five Quad Bakers

  • Lost to Delaware State
  •  Beat Morgan State
  • Beat UMES (Ranked #1 in the Nation)
  • Lost to Hampton University
  • Lost to Norfolk State

Some of these matches were really close and others were well…not so close. Saturday was a bit better.

Saturday- 5 Traditional Games

  • Won the first match against Bathoone Cookman
  • Beat NCAT in the second match
  • Defeated Howard
  • Had a bye (Since there was an odd number of teams, we bowled a vacant team for pin fall not a win)
  • Finished the day with a win over Saint Francis of NY

Going 4-0 on a traditional game day is great…But it took awhile for everyone to dial in. Over all, it has been  productive weekend and we are continue to work hard. Hopefully tomorrow, we can go 3-0 and move up to 6th place.  That would mean that we would be finish higher than some of the nationally ranked teams, and be the highest finishing non-ranked team in the tournament.  So right now we have the icing, but we need to work on the cake.  Tomorrow is the hardest day of the tournament, which makes it the cake because the icing is the easy part…

 So if we do well tomorrow we can have our cake.

NEC # 2

February 6, 2011

This weekend the Bowling Peahens were in North Haven Connecticut, for the second Northeast Conference hosted by Sacred Heart.  It was a long weekend consisting of 6 game sets of baker….five sets on Saturday and four sets on Sunday. 

Saturday was a really rough start losing two matches, the first against FDU and the second– Adelphi.  Then winning two matches, first against St. Francis of NY and then against LIU.  Then closing the day with a loss to NJCU.

Today may seem worse in writing but was actually better on a whole.  We lost our first three matches: 1. Kutztown 2. Monmouth 3. Sacred Heart.  We won our final match of the weekend against St. Francis of PA making our record for the weekend 3-6. 

Next weekend we are heading down to Delaware for a three-day tournament hosted by Delaware State.

Kutztown Invitational

February 2, 2011

So this posting is a little delayed but it was a rough weekend.  Last weekend the bowling Peahens participated in the Kutztown Invitational where 28 teams competed in the first live webcasted tournament.  Friday was quad bakers and we went 4-2 defeating some nationally ranked teams including: Norfolk State currently ranked 16th, Valparaiso ranked 13th, Florida A&M ranked 18, and Sacred Heart currently ranked 8th. You can watch the match against Sacred Heart by clicking the link below.

click here to watch part one of video stream: Bowling Peahens victory over Sacred Heart
(begins at 55:00)

click here to watch part two of video stream: Bowling Peahens victory over Sacred Heart

Saturday we had a bit of a rough day but had a huge win against Adelphi which is currently ranked 10th in the nation.  Our second win of the day was against Penn State Altoona.  We went 4-2 on Saturday.

Sunday was best out of 7 baker and it was another strong day for the bowling Peahens. Finishing 2-1 for the day, defeating Norfolk State and St. Francis of NY but losing to Valparaiso in the last match, led us to our highest finish ever in the Kutztown Invitational–12th place.  Only nationally ranked teams finished higher than us.

Amanda Borger, Michele DeVries, Jen Houseward, Kaity Schroeder, Lindsey Webster, Kristina Maggi, Sam Buzelle, Jeannie Chambers
This weekend coming up we are traveling to Connecticut to compete in the NEC Conference #2.